My favourite human

Isn’t it nice when you get to have a lovely day? 

Today I arranged to get away from work early so I could hang with my favourite girl for the afternoon. 

To the untrained eye, I was babysitting my niece, so my sister could do some stuff on her own, but really for Miss M and me, it was chance to hang out and have fun. 

She’s getting so tall, she’s up to my chest already and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s funny and creative, cheeky and a little bit sneaky, traits I fully endorse. 

Being with her makes me happy. It’s not what we do, it’s just being wth her that I like. I liked helping her pack a little bag of textas and paper so that she could draw while I devoured some lunch. I enjoyed walking to the coffee shop around the corner with her, and holding her arm before crossing the street. Playing a guessing game about her friends’ names. 

Simple, happy stuff. 

She zeroed in on the macarons in the coffee shop cabinet. We practically inhaled them. Yum! 

Chatting easily. 


Miss M

Snakes and ladders. We had to make a die because it wasn’t in the box. I beat her fair and square!

Behold, a hand crafted paper die!

Air hockey on the iPad. 

Watching a movie together. 

Emmet, you nailed it. Everything is awesome. 

“Person who is surfing on lots of fish.”

What I liked the most about today is that in just being together, she taught me something, and I taught her something.

She taught me that if I want my flowers to look real I should overlap the petals. 

Flower by M

I taught her how to play Solitaire and how to draw a cube. It’s all about the three sticks, FYI. 

She was right!

A simple, lovely, heart filler-up of an afternoon. 

How was your day? 


Annette x 

14 thoughts on “My favourite human

  1. Sounds like the most lovely afternoon. I went to see Inside Out with Miss 5 today. It made me cry. It made me miss my Mum. It made me remember beautiful times in my childhood. It made me happy. x


    • I think we have a special Aries girls bond – Miss M was born on my 40th birthday I was a bit of a nervous wreck when she was teeny. I love her fiercely.


  2. you obviously had a very special day with your lovely niece Annette!
    something about children to make us see things through their eyes! … delightful!
    I loved that she told you to overlap the petals! … love m:)X


    • I love how observant she is, the way she noticed my painting of the cube and wanted to know how to do that, and then told me about the petals. A lovely afternoon, complete with treats and artistic exchanges.


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