A Day With My Tribe – Voices2015

Yesterday I got to spend the day with some of my favourite folks. Most of them are, technically-speaking, strangers to me, yet we are a tribe, a gang, a diverse, talented, amazing bunch of people who have one super cool thing in common. 

We are bloggers. 

Each year Kidspot runs a great blogging competition, which brings creative people from all around Australia together. 

I’m still feeling a bit punch-drunk from all the energy of the day, and I know I can’t remember all the amazing people I got the chance to chat with, but to all of them (to you!) I have a common message – thank you. Thank you for being who you are, for your words, your images, your positivity, your passions. Some of the ladies I chatted to yesterday even knew this blog, and told me they liked what I do… that makes me a #Voices2015 winner! 

Delicious food!


Pip signed my book!

I had a GREAT day. The best thing wasn’t the range of speakers, or the goodie bags or even the gorgeous venue and food, it was the people I got to laugh and talk with. I came away from the day feeling so FULL and so encouraged. 

With Zoe from A Quirky Bird
  We are #creepybloggers
Blogging brings me joy


Blogging is beautful, because bloggers are beautiful. 

We do what we do for you, the people who take the time to read our words and join our conversations. You’re the only prize I need. 

Annette x 

31 thoughts on “A Day With My Tribe – Voices2015

    • It was such a great day. Just great!! Today though, it’s all about my pjs and not using any of my words, out loud at least. I really mean it when I say blogging is my happy place.


  1. you are looking so happy Annette! … you obviously had a special time!
    I must be creepy too as I follow the ones in your photos!
    I think that your painting has depicted your energy!
    thanks for sharing! love m:)X
    btw love your hair like that!


    • It was a really happy day Merilyn. A small enough group not to feel lost in the crowd, yet I still missed saying help to several people I’d meant to chat with. Beautifully organised event. I’m liking my hair too, thanks! It now feels subversive NOT to colour it.


  2. Meeting you and chatting with you was deadset one of the highlights of my trip to Melbourne. As bloggers most of us plug away by ourselves in a room on a computer so it’s nice to talk, laugh and be creepy with like-minded people… #creepyblogger – love your work xxx


    • I definitely didn’t get to chat with everyone I wanted to, but had such a great time with the people I did catch a few moments with. I thought the day was fantastic, didn’t you?


  3. LOVED meeting you and everybody else, such a joyful thing to do when you work in isolation and tend to be introverted. You made me laugh and that is one of my favourite things to do. Looking forward to meeting again and continuing to get to know you online x and go the #creepyblogger


    • Helen, I was so happy to put faces and voices to the online personas of bloggers I love. And I’m thrilled to have made you laugh, it’s one of my favourite things, a good chuckle. We all need more JOY!


    • It’s one of my favourite things about meeting other bloggers, even though it is kind of strange to feel so familiar with people you don’t know in the traditional sense. I loved getting to chat with you too.


  4. Blogging is such a wonderful, crazy thing. I am continually stunned at how awesome it is that I’ve been able to meet some truly lovely and creative people through blogging. Loved this post, Annette – it was great to see photos of Pip and her Pipsters! I wish I could have gone!


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