What will today bring?

It’s quiet. Still. Chilly. 

I’m awake early and coffee is calling me. 

I open the curtains and notice how pretty the morning light is. Just light on a brick wall, but I notice. 

I make a cup of coffee. 

I look out my kitchen window. The sunshine is so beautiful. 

Now I can hear traffic, the sounds of people heading to work, ferrying children to sport, their days already boisterous and busy. 

I’ve chosen my snuggly dressy gown to ward off the chill.  The heater comes to life. 


I contemplate what today will bring, and what other people are up to. 

I love this quiet time I have. 

I know there will be art and Instagram, reading and the call of the dishes, and perhaps a visit to my youngest sister, who has just announced she’s pregnant. Such a momentous path she’s embarked on. I wonder about that baby, and so look forward to meeting him. 

I feel tired, comfortable, happy to hear birdsong. 

This is my cocoon. My sanctuary. Quiet moments, I need them. 

What will today bring? I’m not sure yet, but so far I like it. 

How has your day started? What can you hear? 

In pjs,

Annette x 

10 thoughts on “What will today bring?

  1. I loveeeeee the sound of my gas heater going on (that ‘ticker ticker ticker’)-it’s a sound I immediately associate with WINTER!


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