Drawbridge Days

Sunday is quite possibly my favourite of all the days, because Sundays are my drawbridge days.

Here are some of the reasons why…

The first cup
The first cup
Insta update
Insta update
Perfectly Pink
Perfectly Pink
Get your tickets here
Get your tickets here

There’s usually baking going on, and I love to see what other people are making and tagging #sundaybakingsunday. Thanks for joining in and sharing your pics with me. Some of you are VERY clever in the kitchen!


The paints come out.

Hey Girl... I like your shape
Hey Girl… I like your shape

The TV might stay silent for a few hours, or I might dive right in and catch up on shows I’ve missed during the week.

The heater is probably on, I’ll rearrange the blanket I’m snuggled under and read some favourite blogs. This morning I got a chuckle from this post on Baby Mac, and I really enjoyed this post on Bird And Fox. How cute are those earrings?!

Sunday is a great day for blog reading, don’t you think?

Later in the day, I might watch a movie. (I just noticed the double 53s, spooky!)

Dan In Real Life
Dan In Real Life

There’s usually a pile of dishes in the sink, or laundry to fold; a door to throw open for some fresh air, or sheets to change. Even these mundane tasks are enjoyable, because I do them (or not) whenever I please.

Perhaps that’s the key to my love of Sundays – no deadlines, no obligations, it is a day for me, where I can just be.

My introverted soul adores, and craves, this time by myself.  Sometimes I’ll venture out, but more often than not, by Saturday afternoon, you can hear the clanking of the chain and cogs as I call ‘drawbridge up’ on the outside world. It’s not that I don’t like the world, it’s just that I want to be in a world of my own for a bit. It’s a cosy, quiet, creative world, and I like it here.

Are your Sundays social days or drawbridge days? Do you read any blogs on Sundays? Do tell, I’d love to know.

Yours in pjs,


6 thoughts on “Drawbridge Days

  1. drawbridge sunday here Annette!
    too much energy going on this past week!
    this introvert needs her dwelling space!
    I love to catch up on the blogs! … yes beth is funny!
    I love nutrition stripped blog she has soo much on health and wellbeing! … great food and philosophies! … she is a nutritionist.
    I subscribe to “the conversation”
    “the book of life”
    “the school of life.”
    they keep me up to date with issues, away from mainstream media!
    on a lighter note I enjoy abeachcottage blog too as I like to foof and change my space!
    agentmysterycase blog … I like her writing style and her connection skills!
    hope your cooking, painting and reading or blobbing is going well!
    a couple for you to peruse!
    love m:)X


  2. La-la-la-loooove this post. Drawbridge days are where it’s at, sister. PJ Pals, that’s what we are.
    Unfortunately my drawbridge went down this morning as I had to re-enter civilisation and earn the mulah to keep my netflix subscription afloat, so I can have more happy DB days.
    have a good week lovely.
    xx Tash


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