Art Happy – 12 & 13/2015

Painting Rocks!

If I went looking, I’m sure I could find some truly eloquent, thoughtful quotes about the power of art. 

Here’s what I know: 

Creating makes me feel good. 

It has a way of simultaneously relaxing and engaging me, and I can sit and my desk and paint for hours. 

It’s that simple. And that beautiful. 

Colours of Easter 13/2015

Today I worked on some postcards for the #snailmail group I’m in. I can’t wait to send out these cards I’ve painted this week. 

Hang on to them girls, they may be worth something some day!! 

Snail Mail & Chocolate

Be kind to yourselves, and smile at a stranger tomorrow. 


Annette x 

6 thoughts on “Art Happy – 12 & 13/2015

  1. Hola Annette, Happy Easter mi amigo!! Love how the painting is coming along and that you are enjoying it so much. Isn’t creatve time so good for the brain and soul. Those Easter eggs look darn good !! Cheers to a relaxing chilled weekend sprinkled with some good chocolate eating….and for me some unpackng! Cheers xxx


  2. I love turkish delight… but you know what I love even more? Hearing you enthuse about painting! There is something so zen about painting, isn’t there? So lovely to let the left side brain dominate for a while. I just marvelled looking at your pictures today. you are amazing Nettie.
    I’m not going to get my paint brushes out just now, but I reckon I could rustle up some chokkie! Happy Easter my friend!


  3. it’s great when something transports you into another realm Annette!
    that’s how it is for me too! it’s a very zen thing! in my own world of creating!
    enjoy your creative flows! love m:)X
    chocolate is here too!;0


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