How To Enjoy A Public Holiday

Here’s how to enjoy a public holiday, Annette style. 

Sleep in.

Be greeted by the sight of hilarious bed hair upon sliding the ensuite door open.

Laugh at yourself.

Take a photo of your crazy Last of the Mohicans meets Flock of Seagulls do.

Brush your teeth. Wink and smile.

Watch an episode of The Newsroom.

Check what’s happening in social media land – like some stuff on Instagram, read some blog posts.

Enjoy the sunshine streaming through the window.

Make a cup of coffee.

Slather some crumpets with peanut butter. Demolish, with coffee.

Send an email to the person your Facebook friend just told you is running an art class tomorrow night.

Have a shower. Brush your teeth again.

Go and meet a friend for coffee at a local bakery.

Sit outside, with the breeze on your back and the sky so blue above you.

Feel happy. Be present.

Enjoy your friend’s company. Remember how long you’ve known her, and why you like her so much, as she fills you in on her life.

Wander the grocery section of the bakery with her. Tell her you gave up soft drink more than two months ago. Feel good as she turns and gives you an approving glance.

Hug her goodbye.

Walk back to your car. Notice some pretty flowers. Be a blogger…

Go to Kmart in search of work appropriate shoes/pants/cardigan/skirt.

Marvel at the ineptitude of the girl trying to reverse park into a car space right near the entrance to the shops. (She is still finalising her sixteen-point turn after I wait for someone else to leave their spot, park, lock my car, exchange pleasantries with another driver, and walk by her.)

Despair at the horribly limited choices in the plus size section of this massive store. Zero skirts, one cardigan choice (black) and two or three choices of trousers – again, black. Shrug it off.

Try things on, discard most of them.

Find shoes that seem to actually fit. Huzzah!

Go back for that cardigan, it will be fine as a layering piece.

(Thanks for the shoes and cardigan, job services provider.)

Meander home again, feeling good about seeing your friend and finding some shoes.

Get into fresh pjs. Best.

Paint. Enjoy the way the colours bleed into each other.

Watch the end of that Marilyn Monroe documentary.

Consider what to make for dinner.

Consider going to that art class tomorrow night.

Feel happy and relaxed.

Be grateful for a really laid back, enjoyable day.

Write a blog post.

What do you like to do on public holidays?

Are you a jam-all-the-things-in type or a take-it-easy type?

Annette x

14 thoughts on “How To Enjoy A Public Holiday

  1. I’m generally a take-it-easy type, but lately I’ve been jammin’!
    Sounds like a gorgeous Autumn day Nettie. And I love those shoesies!
    No public holiday here today, so instead of drinking coffee, I visited Nespresso and stocked up on some. That was good. Caught up with my friend Flo for some good old fashioned ‘no need to explain it all’ solidarity. Did some chores and came home. Early to bed tonight, but still on my laptop when I should be sleeping! Too much to see out there in cyber space. Glad I caught your post before turning in. Ni-night!


  2. What a lovely day! Unless we make plans (which we didn’t as we’ve been away this weekend), our public holidays generally morph in to a working bee/jobs list kind of day with a visit to the park to cover off everyone’s needs. Oh and I did about 8 loads of washing! x


  3. Well we didn’t have a public holiday in Queensland so… huzzah to you, lucky thing. Sounds lovely.
    I need a public holiday. Badly. I’d go for coffee with a friend too.


  4. Sounds like a perfect day! On a public holiday I like to do all the things I love. A lazy brunch at a cafe or at home, some time on the sofa catching up on all the stuff we haven’t watched, some PJ time (essential,) a run or a workout, blogging and a bit of baking. Public holidays are a smorgasboard of all my favourite things!


  5. Haha! I love this post, Annette! I’m also envious of your incredible bed hair! I’m glad you got to take time to catch up with a friend and really appreciate the moment (and those are pretty flowers).

    Did you manage to get to that art class?

    Plus size clothing that isn’t awful is always either so expensive or really hard to find, at least you got some shoes though 😀



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