A new season for 52 Paintings

Good morning!

I’ve ventured into new territory this week, to match the changing of the seasons.

Drumroll and standing ovation for the best, most colourful and glorious season of them all….. autumn.

You’ll probably see #crushingonautumn pop up a lot on my Instagram feed, as I post snaps of chilly, cloud scooting skies, the changing colours of the leaves and my kitchen bench loaded down with delicious things to slow cook and roast and turn into soup.


Even the language of the season gives me a thrill – think about the word autumnal and how it conjures up crunching leaves underfoot, fireside catch ups with friends, putting on your cardigan before going out, reaching for a scarf, loading up the kids and driving through the hills to find a pub with a great roast lunch special and a playground you can see from beside the fire.

The wine drinkers change from enjoying crisp chilled whites to warming reds. Salads give way to soups. Dining out morphs into staying in, being cosy and the age-old dance of the clothes horses in your living space commences.

The days are getting shorter, but we’re not in the depths of winter yet… oh, it’s just heaven I tell you. Easter approaches, we seem to collectively be changing gears as we prepare for the colder months.

I decided to try and capture my love of all things autumnal with my watercolours.

autumnal skies
Autumnal Skies 9/2015

I’d love to be ‘better’ at this kind of painting – perhaps with practice that will come, but for now I’m happy to be exploring, playing and wishing for the temperatures to drop so I can pop the heater on.

Autumnal feasting
Autumnal feasting


Are you an autumn lover too?

Tell me your favourite things about my favourite time of year.

Cheers, keep creating.

Right now, it’s time for a warming cup of coffee.

Annette x

2 thoughts on “A new season for 52 Paintings

  1. loving your autumnal palette Annette! … we are currently on holidays in your fair city! … or at least nearby environs and enjoying all things victorian!
    I do love Victoria in autumn! … the skies, the turning shades of leaves, the stillness in the air!
    I lived here in the 70’s and knew Melbourne like the back of my hand! … oh how things have changed! … WOW!
    yesterday we went from queenscliff to Sorrento for a beautiful ferry ride, on a perfect day!
    ate delicious food and walked on a gorgeous beach! … shall I give you the adjectives Annette?
    we went into Melbourne and planning more days there! … all good! love m:)X


    • Yes, I want all the adjectives! No arguments from me about the merits of Victoria. I love the Mornington Peninsula, but haven’t done that ferry trip for years. Enjoy everything our fair state has to offer Merilyn!


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