Good evening art lovers, 7/2015 of #paintisaverb is now open. May I offer you a glass of something cold? It’s a beautiful summer evening here, I hope your Friday night is looking good.


This week my painting took a 90 degree turn, when I took something I was working on and flipped it on its side to see how it looked from a different perspective.




I liked what I saw and decided that this piece should be vertical rather than my go-to horizontal…. could my love of sleeping have anything to do with that proclivity? Hmmm, something to ponder.

As well as painting a few things this week, I made another card, which will be posted this weekend, and took a trip to my spiritual home, IKEA. I adore that flat-pack paradise. I wandered happily and purchased some bright, inexpensive frames for some of my rapidly growing pile of beginner’s level masterpieces and missteps.

Though they’re not the works of a skilled artist, I got a kick out of framing a couple of my watercolours and rearranging things in my living room to find homes for each of them.

Only seven weeks into my first full year of painting, I’m beginning to have a new empathy for mums who are bombarded day after day with kindergarten, daycare or school artworks.

Each one demands fridge or wall space, and high praise, whether it is a sweet bobble-headed family portrait or a disturbing cyclone of black and brown finger-painting.

I’m curating my 46 year-old self’s early artistic adventures, and I like it!

Do you have kids that are prolific artists?

Are you a doodler, a dreamy landscaper or avid watercolourist?

I’d love to hear about your artistic endeavours, or have a gander at favourite pieces via an Instagram snap tagged #paintisaverb.

That’s all from me – I’m back in love with Fridays now that I’m working again. Happy weekend all!

Please feel free to leave a comment here, or you chat with me and other Verbs peeps on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’m a social media lover, so I’m there a LOT!!



PS. I might have spent an hour in Typo last night looking at pretty stamps and other crafty things… I might have! You’ll spot the evidence if you have a keen eye.

One thought on “7/2015

  1. loving it Annette! fresh and delightful!
    and love your rad hairdo too! … cool!
    yes my hair would match your fence! … I’m a short haired girl! … needing a few more streaks here!
    you look like a weight has been lifted hun! and it’s in your paintings too! … my opinion;0
    have a great weekend! we have a wooden boat festival in town this weekend … so tonight we are going with friends on their boat to have platters and watch the fireworks!
    the weather is perfect for it all! … things are shifting for me too! love m:)X


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