6/2015 52 Paintings Goes Postal


Oh my, where are the days going?  How are we up to 6/2015 of 52 Paintings already? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess.

This week I haven’t spent a lot of time on chilled out painting, I’d forgotten how much working for a living takes up my time! On a brighter note, I have been the recipient of some inspiring and crafty generosity.

In another win for the “kindness of strangers”, Denyse sent me a parcel that was literally bursting at the seams with craft supplies, lovely brushes and paper, even scrummy snacks – such good stuff!! Thanks so much Denyse ❤️

Yesterday I bought myself some snail mail supplies. I’m going to branch out into painting little cards and I think snail mail is a fab way to share my creative experiments with friends near and far. I’ve got stickers, sequins, glue, and a whole bunch of blank cards. Get ready for even more hashtagging as I launch #verbsinthemail.

2015-02-13 10.20.47

Here’s my first card, which will be winging its way to New Zealand very soon.

2015-02-12 19.00.20

I just love experimenting with paint and colour. It’s so much fun!

Colour Blocking
Colour Blocking

Here’s to the weekend folks! I’d forgotten how great it feels to make it to Friday — phew.

Stay crafty!



8 thoughts on “6/2015 52 Paintings Goes Postal

  1. Love it! I have grand plans for snail mail & home made cards myself this year! Just waiting for the long day kinder sessions to kick off so I can get stuck in. Very impatient to get started. Which is good. Takes my mind off the fact that it’s my baby boys last year before school. 😦

    Love your creative exploits. I know I’ve said it before, but there it is. x


  2. That’s so funny, I’ve been thinking about making cards too. Not for snail mail, but just to have at the ready for birthdays and the like (plus smaller bits of that expensive paper, but still just as satisfying).Great idea, hope you get some creative play time this weekend Annette 🙂


    • Thanks Emily, I have done some painting this morning, and it’s just ace to look at a blank card or little board and try and decide what it wants me to do to it. Mad for the patchwork-like colour blocking lately – so satisfying!!


  3. I am just adoring this new art path you are on. I wish I had more time to play and paint, only 18 months of study left…
    Doesn’t work just suck your time? I am a bit exhausted with it all but I know that the alternative is not much fun either.


  4. Hola Annette, loving this project you are on. It is going to be so interesting to review your year at the end of 2015 with your art work and see how this has evolved. (there could be a wee ebook in there my friend on your art work. It would be interesting by month, what new textures, concepts and approaches you take). I think its so true that saying that practise makes perfect… or very near!! The more you practice the more confidence grows. I know thats how I am feeling about writing my blog articles.

    Huge Congrats on the job Annette. Way to go. Nice start to 2015. xx


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