52 Paintings 2/2015




This week’s offering makes my eyes happy. 

I am really enjoying trying different things – just playing. It means there were some attempts that were truly absymal, and there was this. I like this one a lot. 

One thing I am noticing since I’ve picked up the brushes is a heightened sense of observation. I really look at clouds, at colours in the sky, and notice lines and shapes around me. Give me a great roofline against a blue sky and I’m happy! 

Perhaps I’m trying to decode how other artists – who are much further along the track (and more skilled) than I am – see the world. 

What do you see? 

Is the world a vibrant place to you, or does the everyday routine seem to drain the world of colour? 

I want to have open eyes to see how much beauty there is around us. Don’t you? 

Keep playing. 


4 thoughts on “52 Paintings 2/2015

  1. I love watercolours Annette, you have a lovely colour palette here too. I think 52 paintings for the year is a great idea, it is a nice way to practice without too much pressure. It will be lovely to look back at the paintings when you are done. xxx


  2. I love this Annette! Like Clare I cannot wait to watch the progression over the year.

    These amazing new powers of observation you are experiencing? I had the same e’pip’hany doing Pip’s photo safari, it was a great feeling. I fear I’ve fallen back into not really seeing the world around me, but I’m gonna cultivate more time for creativity for this year, so I’m hoping to get back to that great feeling of everything around me really ‘pinging’ again. If feels so good! x


    • Oh… I see what you did there!! Love it.
      Having the antenna up is great – it’s true that nothing is ordinary if you’re looking for the beauty in the everyday stuff.


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