paint is a verb

Paint is a verb

Last year, I did some great creative courses run by the fabulous Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mike’s. I learned SO much great stuff, stuff that’s changed how I look at the world, and how I spend my time. You can read all about the courses Pip’s offering over the next few months here.

What has really struck me, as I reflect on my year of online learning, is how much of what I’m excited about and enjoying in my life now, wasn’t even on my radar 12 months ago.

One of the best things that came out of doing her course on boosting your creativity, Inspiration Information, was that I went out and bought art supplies. I’ve never done that outside of needing something for an assignment at primary school – anyone remember going to buy craft paper at the newsagent? That was in a time called ‘the olden days’ when children wrote out assignments on big coloured pieces of card, and stuck pictures from magazines on them. When Google was a big row of books at home called Encyclopedia Britannica. The good ol’ days!

Buying art supplies, then enjoying using them, even though I felt awkward at first, has been a real life lesson to me.

Just because I hadn’t painted since I was about 15, and I’d never thought I had much talent for it, it didn’t mean I couldn’t take up painting now and find it really enjoyable.

With Pip’s encouragement to just explore and PLAY, I have discovered that I really enjoy painting with watercolours. I’m no Picasso, and I still can’t draw an apple convincingly. Heck, I’d hardly even rank myself an amateur, but I am an enthusiast, and I think that’s something that often we consider ourselves ‘too busy’ to be.

I mean think about it, what do you do, as a grown-up, that’s just for fun, for play?

I can almost hear your response to that – ha, play, who has time for that? Between my job and running around with the kids and laundry and study and paying the mortgage…. who has time for play?

Playing is powerful. Playing is fun. Play makes you forget about the work stresses, the mortgage, the laundry, even if it is just for 10 or 15 minutes. Try it. Go on, your life isn’t so full that you can’t find 10 minutes just to play. And if it is, well, that’s a whole other blog post. At first, it may feel very strange, or even ‘self indulgent’. It is absolutely not! It is good for you.

People may not get it. That’s okay. People might be bemused, and ask you why you’ve got the paint brushes out. That’s happened to me.

Here’s what you tell them – I’m playing.

Just let it hang there, ‘I’m playing’. No end game, no master plan, no ‘reason’ other than I’m just playing.

And I feel so good while I’m painting, it wakes up my creativity. And the good feelings continue after I’ve painted.

Once I could switch off my own ‘what for?’, and just allow myself to play, I was hooked!

I proudly play now, I paint! Paint is a verb.

I’ve decided to share a painting on the blog once a week, not for critique or praise (or to have eggs chucked at it), but simply to remind me to continue to play, to access that part of my brain that comes alive when I get out my paints and paper, wet the brushes and just dive in, with no idea what’s going to come next. It’s so relaxing, and enjoyable.

Maybe by the end of the year there will be some ‘improvement’, maybe there won’t. That’s not the point. The painting itself is.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is work 1/2015.

paint is a verb

Don’t forget to play, okay?

It will make you happy, and who doesn’t want more of that!

Do you play? What do you do, create, practice? I’d love to hear about it.



You can check out my paintings on Instagram, I’ll be using the hashtag #paintisaverb. 

PS Don’t forget to check out Pip’s online courses – right here – that’s not at all sponsored, I’m just a student and fangirl!


18 thoughts on “Paint is a verb

  1. Nicely done!! Success. In more ways than one. No eggs being thrown from me – I really like it. And most importantly, you’re having fun. Good for the soul, in many ways.


  2. That is the greatest joy of getting creative! It’s the addictive part, the ‘don’t stop me now’ part. I haven’t made time to be creative in the last wee while. It’s on my ‘to-do’ list, which seems even more ridiculous now that I see that thought typed out. It is school holidays. Why not have some paint play time with my kids? I wonder if they would like that? I shall report back!
    Inspire is a verb too.
    As Peter Cetera sang “You’re the Inspiration!”


  3. Love it, Annette!
    I bought myself a ‘grown up colouring book’ while doing my Christmas shopping awhile back. I’m looking forward to seeing your paintings throughout the year.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I’ve been playing so much more too since doing Pip’ inspiration Information, sometimes it’s challenging to do something just for the fun of it, without having purpose or goal, but the rewards are so good and it does flow onto other aspects of life. It frees me up creatively, it makes me happy. I still remember your first collage and how nervous I was to share mine and here you are painting and I’m sharing my little creative pieces on Instagram. It’s just GREAT! Love this post Annette x


  5. well done Annette! I’m looking forward to seeing your was a great course, wasn’t it? It certainly got me playing around with pens and colours on a daily basis and I love it. It is so relaxing and, as you say, focusses the mind away from life’s everyday demands. I’ve loved coming into contact with all the pipsters and being inspired by them x


  6. Nice words Annette and a great reminder to us all to stop being so serious. I think sometimes I hesitate because I don’t have an outcome in mind or it might take too long or it might not turn out how I expected… Play is all part of the process isn’t it? Have fun playing x


    • People can be so boringly serious can’t they?
      Today I started a painting, and it was going well, then I messed up the colours, so I turned it upside down and changed it into something entirely different. Winning!!
      Playing is good!!


  7. Well done Annette! I LOVED that course. It was so special and we are such a lovely group of girls. It was so great to share and explore our creativity together and I think alot of us have gone on to make creativity part of our daily/weekly/monthly routine. x


  8. Good on you Annette. I admire your style and heart. Play is so important. I too loved that course we did and it has helped me play too and be creative each day. I love your painting by the way and look forward to seeing more x


  9. Great post Annette!
    So true about the playing and the awesome course we did! I am forever banging on about creative play to others (I am passionate about how good it is for everyone) but often forget to take my own advice…. Inspo Info changed that for me…. I remembered who I was (an Artist!!, I forgot this for a while too!) and definitely started playing again. Now that I am back painting I can sometimes get caught up in the end result but I remember that its the doing that is important. I have made some shitty paintings and some good ones and whatever the result the FEELING while doing them is the same! Its warm and fuzzy and Awesome! Thats the best bit isn’t it! I’m sure your lovely watercolours each week will be a great reminder of this…. and they really make me smile, they look like little bits of happy on paper. xx


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