Annette’s Eleven

Just a quick hoisting update, this is no half hour project my friends! 

Progress Report


I’m tackling it the same way you eat a juicy burger, one bite at a time. 

Mmmm, I could go a burger right now. A proper fish & chip shop burger that comes in the white paper bag with the ends twisted up… cheese, bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato… and a couple of potato cakes. Oh yeah. 

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes #hoistthehangers. 

Tip for the day: it WILL get worse before it gets better. Don’t be deterred by this. Keep going. 

My hoisting continues, more deliberately today, and I discarded things I could keep, but I don’t need. This isn’t just a clear out, it is a simplification.  

Too much stuff is too much stuff, even if some of the stuff is cute. 

Work In Progress!


So I began with 99 hangers, then 83, and now it’s 71. What’s that as a percentage? It’s good, right?

Are you hoisting? How’s progress? Share your photos on Instagram for some hoisting huzzahs. Use the tag #hoistthehangers and interpret it as you see fit. 

Time to hit the shower! 

Hoist on, 




6 thoughts on “Annette’s Eleven

    • Hey, thank you so much Robyna. It’s really good to actually dig deeper than just the stuff and challenge myself on what’s behind keeping so much.
      I really like Nixing the Novels. Keep at it. I have a lot of books that could use a second life outside my house too.
      Then there’s the shoes, even though my collection is small, I feel like that’s going to be a hard one – Kicking Off The Shoes?
      Go us!


  1. That’s amazing progress! I made an incidental start on simplifying my wardrobe today: I put a whole bunch of socks aside to go to the op shop. I should confess that I only did this because it took me about five minutes to open my sock drawer this morning and that forced my hand somewhat. It felt good to clear out just one drawer, though!


  2. Yay I love decluttering! I don’t think there’s a way to say that and not sound lame, I’m just an organiser, and It’s good to go through your closet and clear some of the old stuff out. Love the hoist the hangers hashtag too!


    • There’s nothing lame about getting rid of excess stuff Tegan!! Organisers rule. So glad you’re enjoying #hoistthehangers – I am pondering a very tatty but oddly sentimental item at the moment.
      Stay tuned for more on that.


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