Christmas Creativity

Perhaps it’s living without kids, perhaps it is pushing back against the idea that Christmas has been “on sale” in the major department stores for more than 100 days already, but I can be a slow adapter when it comes to festive feelings and matching home decor. 

This week one of the girls at the office dug out their big box of tinsel, and decorated the office in a sweet, haphazard way. It made me happy, so I got out my calico bag of baubles earlier in the week and got my Christmas on. 

This week has also been a cracker (see what I did there?) for my letterbox. 

Three days running I have received beautiful gifts, sweet cards and encouraging words. 

A really fun parcel arrived from my Blog With Pip Secret Santa! Thank you Ammber ❤️

As Wednesday is the end of my working week, today has a distinct “Saturday” vibe – pjs, coffee and toast at 10, laundry, dishes… and tree painting! 

No, not the trees outside, the ply Christmas trees I bought last year. They’re coming up a treat and I’m thinking next year this might be a great gift idea for friends – perhaps a new take on giving Christmas cards? 

I’m expanding my ideas of what creative skills and gifts I have. I’m busting out the sketch pad, the watercolours, and the words here on my blog. 

At 46 and 3/4 it really encourages me that I sat and drew something today, for the first time in decades. I enjoyed it, even though I don’t really think I’ve got much creative skill with the pencils. 

It leaves me wondering, if we approached Christmas as an opportunity for creativity, rather than a slog through credit card driven consumerism, how much less stressful might it be? 

Today, I’m painting trees and feeling uber relaxed, and mildly chuffed with myself. 

How’s your Christmas shaping up? Do you decorate the house? Make gifts? Spill! 

Jingle all the way, 

Annette x 

24 thoughts on “Christmas Creativity

  1. Love the trees! Are they water colours? I’ve always wanted to give that a go.

    Today’s the start of my weekend too. Kids are nearly always late to school as a result 😉


    • Yeah, I’m loving watercolours!! Who knew they could be vibrant? Not me.
      The trees are super cheapies, I think I picked them up at Kmart.
      So much fun – I highly recommend it Catherine.


  2. Both trees are up, smelling delicious and making me happy! My kids have both started summer holidays, so today we did some gift wrapping of lots of little secrets for the big Daddy! Shhhhhh! So exciting keeping secret squirrel prezzies for the big day. I really love to watch the kick they get out of choosing and giving. Makes my heart all singsongy!
    Other than that, I wrote a piece for a family organisation here in NZ, on what it is like to be a sick parent. And enjoyed more views out of the corner office to soothe the mind and bod. A pretty chill day!
    And best of all, I looked in the letterbox and found a beautiful card from YOU, with a card inside the card that filled my eyes with happy tears. It said: “you got this” and was EXACTLy what I needed to hear today, tomorrow… thank you Nettie. You and your creativity are sprinkling glitter all over the world!


    • Rach, I’m so glad you got the card today ❤️❤️❤️ it was sent with lots of love. You’ve got this. Truly.
      I like the sound (or should that be smell?) of trees being up and kids wrapping gifts. Bliss.
      Be extra kind to yourself my friend.


  3. Yes! Christmas as an opportunity for creativity is spot on! You are really getting into it Annette. Well done YOU! I have cheated a bit and have my snowflakes and bambis cut for me on my electronic diecutter. I’ve got my ornaments up and the tree is up but naked, waiting for my daughter to get home from her week in Melbourne, so she can decorate it! x


    • Today I bought trashy paperbacks at the op shop, hoping I can paint over some pages and maybe try some collage! Who even am I, Karen?? Love it. Hope your daughter enjoys decorating the tree.


  4. I love the fact that you were creative today. It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? Don’t give up on the pencils though; if you enjoy yourself that’s what matters ; )


  5. Ahhh I know what you mean about not having kids and having a very unfestive house! Mine is the same right now but I have just found out my nieces are coming over on xmas day so I better get my skates on!

    I love that you did a drawing. A friend of mine recently got herself an adult colouring in book when she got a kids one for her little boy and said she found colouring in quite meditative.

    Why do we stop doing such wonderful things I wonder?

    Great post xx


  6. Merry Christmas Annette! This year with a very limited budget, I have declared to my family it will be a handmade Christmas – yes, even Santa will be busting out the handmade. Only problem with that is that I am the only handmaker out of the two adults who preside over our six children!!!! I am currently madly making, making, making…girls are easy but man is it hard to think of cool (and useful) things to make for boys/men! However, I think it will be great and I will try to continue it for years to come, but hopefully with a bit more through-the-year prep. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.


    • I think you’re right about boys being more challenging in the handmade realm. Something LEGO transport related perhaps?
      I am contemplating instituting an age limit on children’s gifts which seems a bit grinch-like but it’s expensive to buy for 7 children inc 3 teen boys!
      Hope you have a really enjoyable Christmas! Good luck with your craftiness


  7. I often feel like a fraud over at Pipster headquarters because I have no creativity craft skills at all. I am attempting to get into photography & creative writing more than anything else. Have an awesome Xmas Annette. Thanks so much for my Secret Santa. (My hubby said that you knew what I wanted better than my own family. Lists rule)


    • Utterly no need to feel fraudster-ish Lisa, being a Pipster is about blogging, not craft! Phew!!

      I’m so very glad you like your gifts – I was a bit nervous about what to get you, so I asked Reannon for a few tips, as I know you’ve met. She confirmed my writerly hunch. Hope you like the necklace too


  8. Can I just say: Yes, yes and yes! I’m so sick of buying things for Christmas; things that won’t be used; things that will be used for a little whie before the appeal wears off. Buying things is nowhere near as enjoyable as making something, which has been my (gradually building) approach to Christmas since about 2013. This year, as many things as possible will be made by me. After all, what’s the point of having a whole bunch of skills if I don’t put them into practice? This is as much about me as it is about the people who’ll be on the receiving end of said skills!

    I love the idea of sending those Christmas trees instead of cards. People could get them out year after year and remember who sent them in the first place, which isn’t something you can do with Christmas cards.


    • Maybe I should try and stock up on those trees now? My favourite presents (aside from cook books) were hand made this year – delicious fudge, home made lemon curd and Mars bar slice!!


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