Week in review – Darth Muffins, an art gallery visit & a bloggers meet-up

I’m trying something new today, in the mode of Beth from BabyMac, Naomi from NaomiLoves, and plenty of others I’m sure, and presenting for your enjoyment a bit of a photographic week in review. (You’ll notice a lack of home styling, roses, amazing camera work and puppies and small children, that’s just the way I roll!)

On Tuesday night I went over to Green Park Dining in Carlton for a bloggers’ meet-up. There are plenty of groups for all kinds of peeps on Facebook, and I’m in a few blogging groups.

The fabulous, wine-loving Nicole from SeekingVictory organised this meet-up, and it was great to see some of my Blog With Pip pals, as well as meet some other local bloggers, and eat, drink and do what bloggers do best, talk, talk, talk! And yes, there were plenty of selfies…. you can check the happy snaps out on Instagram – #melbblogmeet.

I’ve been exploring the cafes around my new workplace, looking for the best coffee and service. I was quite surprised by this sign as I waited for my latte one morning…

I had no idea that Darth Vader was into baked goods! (Squint if you must!)

Darth Muffin!


Yesterday I fulfilled an Instagram wish I posted about seven weeks ago – back then I was daydreaming about having a bit of extra cash and declared that I’d spend it on undies and coathangers. Being on unemployment benefits means there’s often not enough cash left over after rent, food, bills, to buy even simple things like these. (That’s only one of the reasons why I get a bit cranky when people go on about ‘dole bludgers’ – those people have no idea how difficult it is to keep your head above water on less than half the minimum wage!)

Joy is found in small pleasures of life just as much as it is in big things, don’t you think? A great element of this year’s enforced frugality is that I have a renewed appreciation for small things – a ripe avocado, a great cup of coffee, new coat hangers and undies!

Now that some of my days are ‘work days’ and some are ‘days off’ I think I’m going to renew my practice the meditative art of the al fresco latte.

I’m in love with the colours here, the saucer, the table, the crema. Divine! And the sky was so blue on Friday. Lucky, lucky me.

2014-11-21 14.12.51

I am a huge fan of photography, and some of the images in this exhibition of Australian feminist photographers are so beautiful and arresting. It was lovely to sit in the quietness of the gallery, just drinking them in.

These are my favourites.

2014-11-21 14.54.06

Amazing, don’t you think? The photographer is Anne Ferran and the images were shot in the 1980’s, using Ferran’s daughter and her friends as models.

Something about these images is so enigmatic. These are the first two of five tableau-like scenes entitled Scenes of Death of Nature.

Today I’ve been enjoying a new creative pursuit of mine, painting. I moved my little desk into the window, and enjoyed a few hours lost in colours, water effects and just being in the moment. I’m calling this one Colours No. 1.

2014-11-22 12.49.27

So that’s a few of the things I’ve done this week, working, eating and drinking, socialising, painting, appreciating the sunshine and rhythm of my days.

I hope you’re enjoying your days too.

What has the highlight of your week been?


Annette x




18 thoughts on “Week in review – Darth Muffins, an art gallery visit & a bloggers meet-up

  1. Annette!! Love, love , love this post (thats not to say I don’t love all your posts!) But…. I am actually quite a visual person (as well as a person that likes just words too) and I have to say that I do enjoy your photography as well. You should do more as I think you have a good inner eye.

    I feel that I went on a journey with you too this week when I read your story, I get a feel for what you saw with your own eyes….it enriches my experience as a reader (thats just my opinion of course). I feel I went with you vicariously to all those places, and I glimpsed your world for the last few days. Loved the exhibition photos. Amazing. As was the great colour contrasts between the coffee, and table and the light of the day. very nice indeed!


    • Hi Nat, I do take a lot of photos, using them here makes sense doesn’t it?! That’s why I love Instagram so much. I’m glad you vicariously came with me this week, I like being able to share that via my little patch of interweb. Hope SF is giving you lots of photo opportunities too!


      • Yes more photos please!! I jump over to your Instagram page but I do like reading ‘the whole’ story, pictures included! I think the more we photograph too the more we get a bit arty and start seeing things with our inner eye…little wedges of life!! I have taken quite a few photos in SF, but I have been retaining some for blog posts. Drafted and waiting for them to finish my site…..and that’s a whole other story!! Patience is a virtue I am told 😉


  2. What a beautiful week!
    There were blue skies here too.
    I had wonderful news this week about an opportunity I can be part of, even with my limitations. It’s so rockin’ good to know that I can still do stuff, even from my bed with these bloggy words we use! Oh… and I wrote a book. HUZZAH! And you helped me edit it, ’cause you give me the verbs. Life is goooo-ood. I am full of the joyzies of Spring!!
    ❤ Here's to more goodness sprinkled all over the world. It's Christmas time!
    I so love your posts Annette. A proper shot of friendly connection. You lovely thing.


  3. Annette – I am just so loving that you are working and out and about and enjoying life. I myself have become a bit of a hermit of late and I don’t think it’s a healthy thing. And I especially love that you have immersed yourself into exploring your creativity. So many great things came from the Inspiration Information course with Pip. For me it was a reminder to make time to be creative again. I love that you are exploring your creative side and playing with watercolours. That artwork is lovely. xx


    • Hey Deb, thank you : ) some days I still hermit it up – I like my time at home. Now that I have a “four day weekend” I have time to be out and about and at home. I’m loving the painting, was back at it today working on colour washes. So much fun.


  4. Great week Annette. So happy you are finding a nice balance between work (yay!) and creative pursuits. My week was filled with work, lots of school meetings, and trying to get stock ready for a market I am doing next weekend. x


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