Monday musings

I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules of blogging by being a fly by the seat of my pants, blog when inspiration strikes, rather than to an editorial calendar, blogger. I  do it knowingly, almost wilfully. 

One of the problems with being a “personal” blogger is the broadness of the scope before me. 

I could write about spring luring me into the garden earlier today, secateurs in hand, and the satisfaction I got from giving my wild jasmine a good prune. It gets so heavy in spring, the battered, broken trellis fence is almost toppling over under its fragrant heft. 

I could write about how the job hunt is going, but that post could be two words long. It continues. 

I could write the post that’s been kind of tapping at the back door of my brain, about my experience of depression and why it still feels risky to write about that topic. I should write that post. I will. 

I could…. I could…. 

That’s the curse of too much time on my hands I guess. 

So, I choose to just touch base, to say hello. And ask, how are you? 

What does your Monday look like? 

Do you want to ring my neck for having time on my hands? That’s okay – it’s just a season, though longer than I’d anticipated. 

What I will choose, for now, is to go into the library and do some planning for a project I’m just a tad excited about – it is blogging related, and I think it could be fab.

Cheers for now! 






8 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. You, Miss Verbs are both a rebel and a tease.

    Rebelling against the blogger protocols by writing in any way you damn please about any thing you damn please any time you damn please! You and your rebellious freedom making. I want to be outraged but I’m too busy loving it!

    Teasing us with your talk of exciting blogger related project afoot. And posts about depression – definitely write that one, I need to read it.

    Well I can’t wait to hear more, whether it’s from your life, the depths of your self or the soaring heights of your clear spring skies.

    Keep doing what you do, in your own wonderful way. x


  2. Thank-you for being you Annette. I absolutely love reading your blog and feel as if I could make the comment “that really resonates with me” on almost every post! I admire your honesty and your rule breaking! One day I hope to be courageous enough to write about such personal things as well but in the mean time I will absorb your wonderful words 🙂


    • Rachel, you’re welcome to my words anytime! That’s why I’m tapping away. Write what feels right and real to you, you don’t have to share everything – just be authentic with whatever you do decide to share.


  3. When I started blogging, I blogged whenever, wherever, whatever and if ever. I still pretty much do that, but once I added less personal posts into the mix (parenthood, photography, food, etc), I went with a broad editorial calendar to help me organise my thoughts and develop a pattern. Both ways make a grand blog if you ask me.

    And, it’s Sunday and I’m feeling great. Really great. Thanks for asking!

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend. x


    • Hey thanks for reading – today was beautiful here, warm, windy and a gorgeous sunny Sunday. I think I could benefit from some planning, but it seems like such a big change from being totally spontaneous blogger.


  4. Oh, how I miss the smell of jasmine! I don’t know if it doesn’t grow in Queensland, or people just don’t like the smell in the heat, but it’s very rare. Now mock orange you can find plenty of (except here, here we rip them out, cause I like to breath, and mock orange is my nemesis!)

    Can’t wait to hear about this blogging project you keep alluding to, I’m sure it will be fabulous!


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