Happy Father’s Day – Brian told me so!

Today is Father’s Day and there’s no better reason to pen a tribute to my awesome dad than that.

My dad’s name is Brian. He’s a champion.

He was HOT when he was a young man, I think he’s still pretty great looking now at 76 years young.

Check him out…

2014-02-06 11.11.11

My dad is a doer, he’s not much of a talker. But when he does talk, it’s worth listening. He’s a smart, savvy guy, very Australian in his suspicions of those in power (which I love) and always ready to stir things up – like teaching my Hawthorn-loving brother’s children the Essendon FC theme song when they came over to Nana & Pa’s. Classic.

He has the best laugh, it bursts out of him staccato – ha, ha! HA! HAA!    Best. Sound. Ever.

Brian was a builder, just like his dad. Dad built both the family homes we lived in. That fills me with such pride, you’d think I built them. I wasn’t quite so enamoured with his building skills when he extended my bedroom in the dead of winter one year.

The more kids that came along (five in total), the more extensions he had to do. As fate would have it, I was the only one who never had to share a bedroom – nyah nyah, take THAT siblings! Gotta love being a girl sandwiched between boys, with two younger sisters bringing up the birth-order-rear.

I do have one complaint though – seriously dad, I know my room was originally the ‘nursery’ but what the hell is with the wardrobe that wouldn’t be more than 30cms wide – good for baby clothes, not so good for a teenager in the 80s!! (He moved a door, and built me a new closet in my sisters’ room eventually.)

My childhood vision of Dad is khaki overalls, a scab on his head from dropping something on site, and trips to Flatmans Timber… the smell of timber transports me to those days instantly.

And when he picked me up from Brownies or Girl Guides, or on the way home from grandma’s on Sundays, we’d stop at the milk bar, buy a can of Coke and a Polly Waffle and be instructed ‘don’t tell your mother’. God I love that man! I never did tell, either.

Now a daughter can wax lyrical about her dad, and you’ll probably humour me and think, isn’t that nice. So, I’ll take you to an objective source. Dad was awarded a life membership at our local baseball club in 1991. Here’s some of what they think of him:

A (VERY) Quiet Achiever!

More elusive at our Baseball Club than the proverbial “Tasmanian Tiger” is one of the club’s most treasured and appreciated Life Members BRIAN.

A person who deliberately shuns the limelight (and who would not like this type of recognition) is Brian, seen (pictured below) as most would best recognise him.

Anyone who has ever had to visit our home diamonds early on a summer Sunday morning would surely have seen this gentleman getting about his business, but definitely not seeking any attention.

That’s right, Brian is the man who, for many more years than I have been at the club, has freely given his time to maintaining, manicuring and line-marking our Senior Diamonds ONE and TWO almost EVERY Sunday without fail.

By the time most people arrive for their Sunday morning baseball, Brian would have disappeared home for a cup of tea after his early morning work, although he sometimes returns “dressed up” to take at look at some of our current day juniors in action. 

For those who have ever had the pleasure to stop and chat with Brian, you could hardly hope to find a nicer or more friendly gent. He continues to take great joy from the performances of the Club at all levels, but particularly for our development of young players and what the club provides for young people in the area generally.

One common “tongue in cheek” theme from Brian if he should ever chat to a long-time member of the club that he would recognise is to remind you that, in all the time he has been working on the grounds, he has NEVER received a pay rise! Although he has always been happy to give his time to the club free of charge, he is always available to discuss a percentage increase from year to year… it’s his standing joke!

Of course Brian, it would be impossible for the club to seriously put a value on your contributions over the many years… your work and time commitment to the club has been PRICELESS!

So, if you should see Brian around the grounds any time you are there, give him a wave and say “G’day”!

Thanks Brian.

I couldn’t agree with these sentiments more – Dad is a ‘just get on with it’ kind of bloke. The kind of bloke you’d hope that your sons have as a best mate, and your daughters find to marry –  hmm, maybe that’s why I’m single! There’s nobody quite like him.

We’re not a big touchy-feely kind of family, so Father’s Day isn’t usually about declarations of love and respect. We’re more about sharing a cuppa when he pops in here for a computer lesson, or when I call in at the parental abode, than soppy declarations of love. He’s not likely to see this, but I want YOU to know, I am so lucky to get the dad I got, and I love and respect him more than anyone else I know. If you do read this, and you know him, feel free to share it!

Long story short – I’m so proud of him, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be my dad.

Father’s Day can be a real prick for some of us, and I’m completely aware of the grief that some people are feeling today – including people I love dearly, who deserve to be sitting across from their dads, enjoying his laughter and wit. In the grand scheme of things, this life isn’t always fair… so for me, it’s definitely a day to celebrate how bloody lucky I got, getting Brian as my dad.

My dad wasn’t the news reader on Channel 9 when I was a kid, but still, I know everything I need to know, ’cause Brian told me so.

Love you dad.

Net x

dad at waverley



18 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day – Brian told me so!

  1. Great post Annette! Dad are great aren’t they? I love that your Dad does the diamonds. My Dad was the Course Manager at our local Golf Course for many years and worked tirelessly setting things up for competitions. x


  2. Beautiful post Annette! I feel pretty much the same about my Dad, who is 87. Salt of the earth Aussies, decent hard working family men, we are so lucky, you and I. I drove down to Brisbane to see Dad today, he was so happy with the pressies I bought him, but he would have been just as happy to just see me. Never a day goes past that I don’t think about him, and realise how bloody lucky I have been to have him. I’m Stokers Daughter on IG, Dad was a stoker in the Navy, and yessss I really did believe he won the war all by himself when I was a kid haha! Kathryn xx


    • Hey Kathryn, I love that your IG name honours your dad. I tell everyone I’m a builder’s daughter. Sawdust in the veins!! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. Appreciate it!


  3. Hes a real GEM! Loved the bit about the coke and candy after Brownies/Guides etc!! Your own little secret you had going – he’s set the bar high your Dad! Todays a sad day for me – mine died last year suddenly so theres no more buying cards or celebrating the day like we used to. Fathers like yours and mine (was) are very special – one of a kind, dyed in the wool, characters and by the sound of it your dad marches to the beat of his own drum! Your post has made me treasure many happy and lovely memories of my dear dad today – thanks for your post.


    • Hey Natalie, I’m so sorry to hear your dad isn’t with you this year. What a crushing thing.
      But it sounds like you have beautiful memories of a dad like mine, a great bloke, someone who makes you proud to be his. Thinking of you xxx


    • Hey there Duncan, thanks for popping in – you are a GREAT dad – if you judge it by that old saying, the best thing a father can do for his kids is love their mother, you are a GOLD MEDAL WINNING dad.


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