ProBlogger2014 – what a weekend that was!

My first ProBlogger conference is now officially over, but I know I’m going to be spending many days sorting through all the FEELINGS and information that was #pbevent.

I met some great people, including a few ace bloggers I’ve connected with online over the past few years. I got hugs from #Pipsters I’ve known since this whole blogging adventure began. I enjoyed myself, I felt challenged, I cried – which is hardly surprising to most of you who’ve been here before I’m sure, I laughed, I felt at home and all at sea…

I know this for sure. I am 100% glad that I took such a big risk, with a four week old blog, and bought my ticket.

This advice sums up the conference for me:

Best advice of #pbevent
Best advice of #pbevent

So I plan to keep trying, to keep blogging, to be authentic in whatever I post here….. and that’s about all I can tell you for now.

Thanks for liking my many Instagram posts and tweets this weekend.

Abnormal programming should resume shortly.


Annette xx


10 thoughts on “ProBlogger2014 – what a weekend that was!

  1. Annette, I’m glad you enjoyed the problogger conference so much. It was my fourth one and I find I learn so much, it confirms what I am doing right and reminds me what I should be doing. So much conversation lead to a sore voice and a headache from ideas so I am looking forward to a big sleep. Fran


  2. Annette I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think I got to meet you… maybe next time. I liked the quote about “be so good they can’t ignore you”. That was inspirational!


  3. “The only thing worth being perfect at is trying”! That is beautiful! ♥ So much love!

    I wish I had been able to attend the PBevent, but maybe next time! I would love having the opportunity to learn so much! 😀



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