The spirit of #sundaybakingsunday

Hello friends! 

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who join in with my weekly baking snap-fest on Instagram. 

SundayBakingSunday isn’t about spending three hours creating the fanciest cakes, or using the most difficult to source ingredients. 

It’s about my kitchen, it’s about your kitchen. 

It’s snapping a shot of your cake – straight out of the oven, plonked on a board. 

It is the smell of whatever we’re creating telling us it is almost ready… it is about the people you bake for, and no-apologies-required second pieces. 

It’s about lunchbox treats and baking your sister’s birthday cake. 

It’s come as you are – no light box required! 

There’s so much that’s styled and truly beautiful out there, and I appreciate those talents but #sundaybakingsunday is a place of domestic democracy – all cakes, slices, pies, loaves welcome!! Burnt, underdone, just right – come to the table. 

Let’s feast together and enjoy our Sundays. 


Annette xx 

7 thoughts on “The spirit of #sundaybakingsunday

  1. My family love #sundaybakingsunday because it means that at least once a week they have something sweet to eat – I can’t always be relied upon to provide such treats so it is great to have something to motivate me! I love the photo a day challenge for the same reason.


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