Jackets and landmarks and zebras, oh my!

Tuesdays seem to be my default day for getting out of the house – sometimes I’ve got errands to run, broccoli to buy, letters to post, and sometimes I pop out, just for a change of scenery. It’s my kind of nature walk – one that happens on wheels.

Now, I’m no style blogger – far, far from it – but I’ve been thinking that I could use really a new jacket, and with my tax return burning a hole in my pocket, and the ProBlogger conference only five weeks away, I’ve been scouring online shops and asking people for recommendations.

A few style peeps that I follow on social media had mentioned Dream Diva, and so off to Bridge Road I tootled (Fun Fact – you can tootle in a Barina or a VW or a Corolla, but not in a Porsche) where I was ably assisted by two friendly fashionistas. I think one of the ladies thought I wanted to buy ALL OF THE THINGS, but I was very self-controlled and only left the shop with ONE shopping bag.

And bonus, I got a park about 12 steps from the shop door, which is some kind of Bridge Road Miracle! AND I had the exact change in my purse to pay for 1 hour of parking, which I used approximately 52 minutes of. The planets were aligned I tell ya!

I figured, seeing I was so close to town, I may as well enjoy the sunshine and keep on trucking (you can’t do that in a Porsche either), so I cruised through the city, and past one of my favourite landmarks.



Non-newsflash – I love Melbourne! So many people out and about, scurrying back to the office after a quick lunch, visiting, exploring, enjoying a sunny but chilly winter’s day.

Past the Shrine of Remembrance I tootled, and by now I was thinking about lunch, so I decided to wander some more and check out Spilt Milk Cafe, which I’ve followed on Facebook for a while, but never visited.

Spilt Milk is a nicely decked out, cosy cafe in Carnegie. There are a handful of tables inside, plus a smattering of outdoor seats (with blankets thoughtfully provided). They have a really fun menu, with dishes like badger, toucan, wombat and sparrow. True!

I settled on the zebra (minus ricotta, plus a poached egg) and enjoyed the great coffee and eavesdropping on the friendly banter of the staff, who clearly get along well and enjoy what they do.



That got me thinking about work, and the thing I miss most of all is the camaraderie you can have with your colleagues. I miss that, and a pay check, and having something (hopefully more meaningful than mundane) to do – they’re my top three, but not necessarily in that order.

Do you notice that sometimes when you’re in a cafe or shop, the attitude of the staff can really put you off ordering a second latte?

It was a pleasure to be somewhere with friendly staff, prompt service and I’ll-be-back-for-more food. If you’re around Carnegie, Spilt Milk is worth a visit.

There’s no sponsorship to mentioning them or Dream Diva – if I stumble across something I like, I’ll happily share it.

So, I tootled, I shopped, I ate my first zebra and now it’s time to pop the heater on, think about what to cook for dinner and maybe check in on a couple of my favourite blogs.

I hope your week includes jackets and landmarks and zebras  – or the equivalent things that bring you happiness and a warmed belly.

Got any great local finds to share?

Where’s the best latte in your ‘hood?

Bought a great jacket lately? Maybe in a neon zebra print?

I think I’ll try the Sparrow next time I visit Spilt Milk, or maybe the Barracuda!









8 thoughts on “Jackets and landmarks and zebras, oh my!

  1. Ha, I always think if I get a park out the front the shopping will be successful, sometimes if I have to keep looking I nearly want to turn around and go home. Lucky I live in a regional city then hey.
    Looking forward to reading about your problogger experience.


  2. yum, Zebra looks good. Just as well they don’t serve beaver!
    Best latte in these parts is at my house. We have just been given one of those fandangly nespresso machines. wooohooo! no more traipsing up to the cafe for another $4.50 coffee! We even have the takeaway cups. It’s very exciting. Wanna come and have a cup?


    • They in fact DO serve beaver Rach! I can’t remember what it translates to now. Hahahahaaa. I’ve got a Nespresso machine too – how good are they?? Would love to pop in for a cuppa.


  3. I love Melbourne! And I recently bought a great knit (not so much a jacket) from JayJays for $20. Couldn’t believe I went there let alone found such a good buy. It’s usually not my thing. But I LOVE Smith Street and Bridge Road when I go to the city! Jess (paperchailove)


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