Tumblin’ Tuesday – spills and thrills

Last week I took a tumble in my driveway, on the eve of my birthday if you don’t mind, and I landed on my face, left boob and left hand. My hand seems to have taken the brunt of my not inconsiderable heft, and a week later it is still mostly useless.

This has been a painful, and frustrating week. I hitched a ride (with my dad – don’t worry) to the local emergency room on Thursday last week to get an x-ray, and am very relieved no bones are broken. The bruising is quite something – I’ve been posting photos on Instagram for your enjoyment/revulsion, depending on your personality type.

Surprisingly, aside from not being able to dress easily, sleep easily, cook, drive or any of those things we take for granted, I have really missed the ease of sitting down at my computer and blogging. This post is taking ages to type with just one finger – for a professional administrator, it’s like the world has gone from electric power to rubbing sticks together.

I guess the healing is taking the time it needs, which is fine, but even for someone as laid back as me, I have found the limitations that tripping on my driveway’s cracked concrete have caused to be a real bummer.

But there are things to discover! And to share… here are just a few examples:

It’s really hard to make toast with one hand!

It is surprisingly hard to do the dishes with one hand – they slip about and I found getting the dried Thai sauce off bowls very tricky.

It’s not too hard to fold toilet paper one handed – phew.

It is annoying to need to call on people for simple things. Luckily for me, my family is nearby. If they weren’t I’d be stuffed.

Feeling truly vulnerable, as I did while sprawled in my driveway post-tumble, sobbing, in pain, in the dark, and calling out for help – well, that’s really awful.


I’m sure I’ll come good relatively soon, I hope my forehead scrapes won’t scar, and then I’ll have no excuse for not doing the vacuuming, but this past week hasn’t been the best start to a new age for me.

I’m glad to have managed this post, strangely it makes me feel a little less isolated.

Stay safe, and remember – don’t put the bins out after dark! Or if you do, take your phone, a small First Aid kit and a torch!


Annette x

13 thoughts on “Tumblin’ Tuesday – spills and thrills

  1. Sorry to hear about your fall, Annette. I hope your recovery is rapid and uncomplicated.

    I’ve had hand surgery several times, with 3 months recovery each time during which I wasn’t allowed to use my hand at all. I can vouch for how difficult it is to manage everyday activities one-handed!

    I’m glad you can still post, albeit slowly. Get well soon!


    • That must have been really hard to cope with Julie.
      I am on the mend but the ache is a bugger at times and I am getting a bit annoyed at the limited movement I have. I’ll come good.


  2. Hope you recover soon, they say a high percentage of accidents occur around the home! It’s a very good excuse not to do the housework I say, make the most of the rest!


  3. Well look at you, typing away, albeit with one finger. Glad you could fold the loo paper, I’d hate for you to have to become a temporary scruncher. All jokes aside, I’m glad you are starting to recover. It must have been so frightening to have to wait for help. I can relate to that, having been trapped in a toilet cubicle last week, waiting for someone to come in and get help for me. As hilarious as it is now, it wasn’t at the time and if I’d not had my phone, I might have been in there for quite a long time. I guess you just have to let the healing process take it’s course and enjoy being looked after for a little while. I am enjoying the technicolour updates.


    • Thanks Michelle, I am a very neat toilet paper folder!
      I have a seriously low (core of the earth low) tolerance for pain/blood etc so I was really freaking out after I fell.
      Not really being looked after most of the time, aside from much appreciated lifts to the doctor and shops, I’m getting by solo.
      Heartened by the love coming my way here.


  4. Yowser, that sounds like quite the wipe out! You didn’t injure your sense of humour though! I am sure you hand will soon feel much better and if you do get forehead scars, you can tell everyone you wrestled a lion.
    Clare x


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