Super easy Anzacs – Sunday baking Sunday

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here, so I decided to start the day with coffee and some therapeutic measuring and mixing.

One thing I’m really enjoying about blogging is the endless connections I’m discovering – as I read the blogs I like, I find links to blogs those guys really like, which lead to connections with more blogs and on and on it goes. It’s great!

There are so many inspirational, thoughtful, creative people out there, doing their thing, then writing about it, taking amazing photographs, styling, baking, sharing their struggles and triumphs, crafting, and cracking me up.

These connections are how I discovered Kate Berry – a super creative soul and blogger, who is choosing her own adventure on a daily basis. I found the inspiration for today’s baking on Kate’s blog Lunchlady (click through to the recipe) and then added my own little twist via a handful of craisins. I’m crazy for craisins.

Anzac prep

The beauty of Anzacs is that they’re so quick to put together, a little measuring, a little melting, a little mixing, ten minutes to put your feet up, or a load of laundry on, and you’re pulling trays of warm still-soft biscuits from the oven.

photo 3 (1)


Thanks so much Kate! I’ll definitely be back for more inspiration, from both your blogs.


Have a great Sunday – if you’re baking, please share an image on Instagram and use the #sundaybakingsunday tag.



5 thoughts on “Super easy Anzacs – Sunday baking Sunday

  1. How great! I was wondering if you had baked your bickies today. I love the addition too, that’s the best thing about these simple recipes, they are so easy to make your own. Enjoy your Sunday night and I hope your week brings you amazing adventures. xx


    • Thanks a lot Kate! They’re a winner, my niece and sister are enjoying them in their lunchboxes this week – always good to be able to share yummy things around. No amazing adventures just yet, but it’s only Monday night!


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