Baking with Jane

Today has been a combination of job hunting and domestic duties – don’t be misled, I didn’t actually clean anything – but I did buy some broccoli, a few bottles of soda water and a cheeky food magazine, which has a very relevant ‘budget bonanza’ section.

Then I bumped into Jude Law… on the telly, settle down ladies. It was a very young Jude, in a naughty cameo in Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil starring Kevin Spacey, ‘our’ Jack Thompson working a great southern drawl, John Cusack (swoon) and was your basic y’all come back now story of ‘staches, small town murder, a dash of voodoo and drag queens……….*crickets*….. never mind.

After my matinee, I spied a couple of bananas heading towards mush in their skins, so I have benevolently reincarnated them into a delicious loaf of banana bread. Their souls are now free and will soon be in my belly, along with a slather of butter, and an afternoon latte.

While I was baking, I missed Jane’s call. I gave her a call back and Jiminy Crickets I’ve landed my first job interview for 2014!

Job hunting is a weird science, for me anyway. You have a general idea of what you’d like , your skills and strengths and then you bash some keywords into seek or career1 or any of the multitude of niche employment sites out there and what you really want to know after the blah blah of the job description is, is the boss a nutter, is there good coffee close by, are the people nice, even clever, and will they think you’re funny? Invent that employment search engine and you’ll be Zuckerberg-ing it up in no time!

Anyhoo, I’m all for interviews – and not in a shaking in my boots, I really hope they like me kinda way. These days I’m more than comfortable with asking my own questions of potential employers, and really making it a two-way process. After all, if I’ve got to spend more time with the folks at work than I do with anyone else, I want to know that I’ll be happy to work for them, that I can respect the boss and that what I’m doing actually matters. I know, I know, I’m a girl with lofty goals, but I just can’t do the drudgery for a dope thing.

I’ll keep you posted about Jane, and if you’re very good I might even post a photo of my afternoon tea on Instagram!

What’s happening in your world this Wednesday? Seen Jude Law out and about? Who do you spend most of your time with? Colleagues, tiny humans, yourself? Do tell.





4 thoughts on “Baking with Jane

  1. Oh Annette – that’s just mean. I came here at least expecting a photo of Jude! But I’m very happy that Jane called and that that there was banana bread.
    I’ll forgive you if you post a recipe review of something from the budget bonanza’ section 😛


  2. Good luck with scoring the job you would like as I know what you mean about spending a lot of time with people at work, so you want to actually like them:) It is easy for me as I have a class of 28 turning 8 year olds who make me laugh and keep me grounded every day:)


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