Blind dates for bloggers

As the alarm went off, I thought, ahh, it’s blind date day! So I bounded out of bed, got myself gussied up and headed off to the epicentre of coffee and consumerism in my hood, to meet not one, not two, not three, but four lovely ladies – ladies who I had chatted with online, but never seen or spoken to. I was a bit nervous, I don’t mind telling you. Deep breaths girl, come on.

Thanks to the amazing Pip Lincolne, our esteemed blog school leader, den-mother, technical support whiz and personal cheerleader, I decided to put an invitation out to Melbourne #blogwithpipstudents to get together for a coffee (or tea). I was worried people would think I was a weirdo, but hands shot up and we agreed on a place and time.

So, I approached the meeting point and saw Sarah, looking like someone waiting to meet strangers, we said hello and grabbed a seat and lo and behold, there was Julie, Michelle and Julie striding towards us like a band of lifetime besties. Gulp! With hellos and cheek kisses and laughter about the location of the actual ground floor (sorry about that girls), we made our way to a cafe to settle in and get to know each other.

Phew – nobody seemed like a lunatic (well, maybe I am a little bit loco) and we got ourselves situated and had a great morning. Conversation flowed freely, we mock debated the supremacy of coffee versus tea (I let the tea lovers think they walked away victorious, but you and I know the truth) and it was so interesting to hear a group of women with one commonality – Pip’s blogging course – discover other common likes, passions and experiences.

Here’s how I knew I was really at a bloggy catch-up…. the emergence of a super cute crochet square!

photo (9)


photo (10)


I am so glad that I pushed past my usual introvert-y ways to organise to meet these great ladies – I hope you’ll take a moment to check out their blogs, which I’ve linked above, because I’m a super technically gifted blogger now (I’ll be stuffed if I’ve gotten any of it wrong).

I had a crazy thought after we’d posed for these photos – maybe we’ll be someone’s bloggy heroes one day – like the fabulous ladies of Mrs Woog, BabyMac and Styling You or our own, super fabulous mentor Pip! Hey now, a girl can dream can’t she!



L to R: Me, Sarah, Julie H, Michelle (thanks to Sarah from Zinc Moon for the group shots)

L to R: Me again, Julie G, Julie H, Michelle


Thanks so much for today girls, I had a blast. I think I did alright for my first blind date. Call me, okay?

Annette  x



21 thoughts on “Blind dates for bloggers

  1. Awwww Annette you are too cute! I hope they do call you 🙂
    I am so pleased to read you put yourself out there and met some lovely women and had a good time, really makes me wish I lived in Melbs! I think you have motivated me to organise a Perth coffee blind date!


  2. Ek! How exciting. Looks like lots of fun. I’m a vote for the tea groupies. I use to only ever drink coffee, but then I realised that it made me a tad jittery. Now that I’m over the caffeine withdrawal headaches, I’m really enjoying a spot of tea in the mornings 🙂


    • Heike, it was loads of fun! I doubt that I’d ever be converted to a coffee free existence, I’m a big fan! Two a day is plenty for me. When you finish your lap of Oz and you’re back in Melbourne, you’re at the top of the list for a catch up over tea, or a glass of bubbly!


  3. It looks like you had a lovely time. As an introvert myself, I know how nervous you must have felt extending the invitation Annette but you DID IT and look at the great result. Every one of you is gorgeous and someone I’d love to have tea with (yep, can’t drink coffee anymore so I’m on team tea). Keep it up future bloggy superstar.


    • Hi Michelle,
      We had a really enjoyable morning, and I was slightly chuffed with myself for not bailing!
      I like the sound of ‘future bloggy superstar’ *blushes*
      Have a great weekend.


    • Hi Sue, I think it did! I thoroughly enjoyed the meet-up, but I did find that the next day I was craving my solitude again – it’s all about balance I guess. I think those ladies are keepers!


  4. Well done you for taking the initiative, getting out of your comfort zone and just going for it! It looks like you all just had an amazing time and of course had lots to talk about. You are very inspiring:)


  5. This looks like you had such fun. I am really sorry that I missed it. Can’t wait to attend the next one! Well done Annette for stepping outside of you comfort zone (being a bit introverted myself, I totally understand this). x


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