Fossicking Friday


To mix things up a little, I thought I might try a photography challenge once a week. I’ve coined the uber-catchy name ‘Fossicking Friday’ to sum up the vibe of this soon to be globally followed phenomenon!

As luck would have it, the word fossick is a verb, which means rummage, search.

This week, I visited a Salvos Store and found a couple of great items, after a quick fossick. Seriously, isn’t that a great word? Fossick – yep, I like it.

Here’s this week’s fossicked find. A super sweet yellow platter with matching chip-free cup – I love the colour, the pattern and the cool nana vibe this has. I’m sure I’ll get loads of use from it.

fossicked platter

great platter
great platter


Are you a fossicker of treasures? I’d love to see your favourites or latest finds. You can pop over to Instagram and share them using #fossickingFriday if you like. Feel free to tag @igiveyoutheverbs too.

Have a great weekend.



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